Who is Chistopher Lambert?

Christopher Lambert is a writer, verbal pugilist, West Virginia apologist, “buzz master” and college football expansion expert.

He’s best known for his persona “TheDudeofWV”.  Using “The Dude” he was able to engineer a social media campaign that threatened the existence of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

His secret? By combining proven training methodology with advertising principles, a narrative is created that plays into the information bias of the masses.

The creation of a compelling narrative that reinforces the information bias of the target audience to control discussion, shape perception and affect outcomes.

The formula is simple: provide accurate information establishing a “transaction of trust”; become a trusted source; utilize the relationship to create perception; generate grassroots pressure on decision makers. Using his technique, Lambert was able to leverage the discontent of two marquee ACC programs (Florida State and Clemson) to sow mistrust among conference members.

How effective was this strategy? The ACC repeatedly increased exit fees (from $10 million to $50 million) before finally requiring all members to sign a grant of rights specifically to end any perception of conference instability – perception originated and nurtured by “TheDudeofWV.”

Lambert appeared on radio stations throughout the southeast and Midwest to discuss the economics of college football expansion/realignment. Between 2012 and 2016 over a million unique users read Lambert’s blog posts and articles published on other sites.


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