Who is Chistopher Lambert?

Christopher Lambert is a writer, verbal pugilist, West Virginia apologist and self-proclaimed “buzz master” who engineered a social media campaign that almost brought down the Atlantic Coast Conference.

His secret? Combine training procedures used by the military with advertising principles to create a narrative that plays into the information bias of the masses.

His formula is simple: establish trust –> control the message –> guide the conversation –> create perception.

Lambert adapted his strategy from his days as an e-learning guru for AtomicNoodle where he developed the “Theory of Radiant Learning.” Radiant Learning, which he would later adapt for use in social media, utilized “transactions of trust” to create learning objects that caused an emotional response that radiated throughout the different learning domains. The emotional response caused an increase in the desire of the learner to transfer new skills and knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

The principles at the heart of Radiant Learning easily transferred to social media. College football fans are emotionally invested in their favorite programs and possess a built-in information bias.

Using this technique, Lambert was able to use the discontent of two marquee ACC programs to sow mistrust among conference members. How effective was this strategy? The ACC raised the exit fee three times before finally requiring all members to sign a grant of rights.

Lambert’s e-learning company developed training programs for clients such as NASA, The U.S. Department of Defense, Mylan, Yum Brands, Visa, The School of the Americas and others.

Lambert was instrumental in the development of the dissident training program for the Green Movement in Iran for the Center for Liberty in the Middle East.

In 2006 he returned to West Virginia after five years in exile in Pittsburgh where now works in higher education.

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